QUACK QUACK! Rubber Duckies Now on Sale!

September 28, 2011

 After two years in the making, the Rubber Ducky is now on sale at the Hakshop!

Following the success of the USB Switchblade, the attack platform that was super effective against local Windows targets, the Hak5 community with the help of Applied Security has developed a new kind of attack -- this time cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) -- which achieves deadly results by posing as an ubiquitous keyboard.

The USB Rubber Ducky isn't an ordinary HID (Human Interface Device). Coupled with a powerful 60 MHz 32-bit processor, open source firmware and a simple scripting language anyone is able to craft payloads capable of changing system settings, opening back doors, retrieving data, initiating reverse shells, or basically anything that can be achieved with physical access -- all automated and executed in a matter of seconds.

Be the first to get the USB Rubber Ducky! We will be at Derbycon with a bag of Duckies for sale, so make sure to stop by my booth!

Happy Hacking,

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