New Savings on UPS Orders!

October 20, 2011

 UPS is a great service and I personally use it all the time for our store, my eBay account, and even for shipping everyday things. UPS has built in insurance, tracking, delivery times guaranteed, and faster customs processing. Now that we have set up a business account with UPS (so we could be all professional and stuff) they have begun offering us discounted shipping rates for our store. "Aha!" I said. "This is how websites like Newegg and Amazon can afford to do things like $5.99 ground shipping and whatnot!" Because their stores are so huge they get these discounted rates of epic proportions. Sadly, we aren't so big and epic, but we want to share the savings with you! 

As usual, orders shipping with UPS will be calculated depending on weight and location. This information can be found here.

United States orders will receive a 10% discount off shipping.

Canada orders will receive a 9% discount off shipping.

Worldwide orders will receive a whopping 35% discount off the normal shipping price!

You won't need a coupon code or anything to use these new features. They're automatically built in to the ordering process!

*No changes can be made to previous orders, sorry!

Happy Hacking,


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