New International Shipping Rates!!

January 22, 2013

 We're happy to announce that we have finally been able to lower the shipping rates with UPS! Now, you can order from and choose UPS Expedited. For most countries, these rates will now be as low as $35-40 for small orders.

We're working on providing the best options for our international customers, to ease the cost of shipping and customs fees, and we hope that these new prices will work much better for your needs.

With these new rates, we have also chosen to remove some of the USPS options. We decided to do this for many reasons. In the past, USPS has been an economical choice, but this also means that packages travel slower than snail mail. Sometimes packages could take up to 30 business days. USPS doesn't include insurance on it's packages, so any loss is just that- a loss. Tracking is a hassle, with packages seemingly disappearing after arriving in customs only to show up a few days later at your door. We feel that going with a faster carrier, that offers day to day tracking and insurance, will make your orders stress free and hassle free.

UPS Expedited will still vary from country to country, and customs fees are not included in the shipping charge. Weight will also play into the price of shipping.

If you're thinking, "this is still expensive!", consider this: USPS Priority for a 1lb box costs around $30-40 USD to ship anywhere overseas. UPS Expedited for the same box will cost the same amount plus or minus a few dollars, but you're also getting faster shipping, detailed tracking, and insurance.

Here is an example of what to expect during checkout:

For India, you will see the following options for a Wifi Pineapple order:

UPS Insured Expedited 0.0lbs - 1.0lbs $34.00 USD
UPS Insured Expedited 1.1lbs - 2.0lbs $37.00 USD

Keep in mind- Customs and holidays may create delays, and correct contact info (phone number) is critical for UPS to deliver your package. PO Boxes are not permitted with UPS International deliveries.

And with this, we would also like to say that we have re-released the Holiday Pineapple under a new name:

The Wifi Pineapple Travel Bundle

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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